mandag 11. mai 2009


Etter at eg las artikkelen i New York Times om Eurovision fekk eg nesten lyst til å sjå det igjen trass i at noko av den gamle sjarmen er borte når ting går over fleire dagar etc.

Er dessutan mektig lei av den abosulutt enerverande låta Fairytales som visstnok er ein favoritt.

Legg ved nokre gode sitat frå NYT :

But I promise: you might come for the terrible music, but you’ll stay for the bad costumes and ridiculous dancing.

This year’s favorite is Alexander Rybak, a singing violinist from Norway. He looks about 14, grins like he’s been nipping from Grandma’s plum brandy and sings implausibly about a failed love affair from “years ago, when I was younger.”

backing dancers who think they’re in a Cossack aerobics video to make it a Eurovision classic

Ryback’s closest rival is thought to be Sakis Rouvas, a sort of Greek Ricky Martin who has both entered and hosted the competition before. His song is truly awful, which is not a deal breaker in Eurovision

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